Neu Current
Your platform for
automatically delivering
targeted product offerings
across your online sales channels
managed by AI
reported to you
Rethink your retail sales with Neu Current's online engine
Automate your sales and personalised offers and run them with AI
Auto Recommendations
personalise and pop them up on the website and increase online sales and customer conversion
Promo campaigns
introduce automated promo campaigns to drive increased product sales
Triggered notifications
increase sales from repeated purchases
How Neu Current engine works
collect online and offline customer data in Google Big Query
predict next purchase, select relevant products and customer audiences using AI
automate customer communication with full connectivity to eSputnik, your CRM system and web-site
execute sales and increase customer conversion, enhance your brand
Targeted recomendations
Automation of relevant product selection and communication triggers
real time viewings and purchase data is collected in BigQuery
automated selection of relevant products for website recommendations and follow up messages
targeted recommendations on website. Automation of customer follow ups after leaving the site
Promo campaigns
Automation of customer segmentation for promo campaigns
online and offline purchases are regularly imported into Big Query from internal databases and CRM systems
automation of customer segmentation based on likelihood of purchase of specific products
automation of promo campaigns via email and other advertising channels
Triggered notifications
Automated generation of notification triggers and personalized digests
online and offline purchases are regularly imported into Big Query from internal databases. Purchasing data is integrated with website viewings and conversions
automated identification of patterns for repeated and cross-category purchases. Automated selection of communication channels for each customer
automated regular communications to customers about products that are potentially of interest, triggered notifications, and regular digests
What you'll get
We do not provide service, we grow your sales with you.
Full automation of front to back value chain: data collection, analysis, communication and sales execution.
Cut the waste, manage your sales on your desktop with full automation, it works 24/7.
Constantly improve, get insights into your business performance through our analytics.
No large budgets required, our pricing is aligned with your sales and business size.
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