The House of Toys.
e-commerce strategy.
The House of Toys is an omnichannel retail chain selling toys and products for children from 65 shops across the Ukraine. Their website has 500,000 monthly visits (Source: SimilarWeb). The owners of the chain have an ambitious strategy for e-commerce and omnichannel business development and understand the potential of client data.
The House of Toys has faced typical challenges the omnichannel retailers have while trying to use customer data to increase their sales.
First, there is too much data and not enough expertise on how to use it.
Second, there are many solutions at the market that are developed to solve specific problems for retailers, but each one requires another integration and that adds to the complexity of using customer data.
Solution. Centralised Retail Data Infrastructure.
NeuCurrent has proposed a comprehensive solution for data management, automated personalised recommendations and communications. The core of the solution is the centralised integration of all data that allows to collect and maintain real time data in all internal and external systems at the House of Toys.
NeuCurrent has also implemented a successful pilot project for personalised recommendations on the website. Sales from recommendations have tripled and The House of Toys has recovered its investment in the project within two months after implementation.
Every customer is unique
NeuCurrent has integrated all customer and sales data from offline and online sources and created comprehensive marketing analytics.
Every client has now a unique profile that includes customer interests from all sales and communications channels. For instance, if a customer with the history of shopping offline goes to the website of the House of Toys, she or he will be offered toys that are selected based on their offline purchases.
NeuCurrent analytics allows to measure and monitor all marketing campaigns on all channels in real time. By measuring profitability of each channel, we have also solved the problem of choosing a communication channel for every customer.
Full personalisation of the website and communications
Recommendations are generated on each page of the website based on purchases and views in real time. Each website page is personalised for every customer. This includes a large block of recommendations, personalised promo campaigns and product catalogue.
After leaving the website customers receive communications about the items that could interest them. These communications help convert customers to the next purchase. In addition, every 3 or 4 weeks The House of Toys’ customers receive regular communications with individually selected products. There are also separate communications that offer items for children as they grow up and their interests change.
What does The House of Toys have got as a result?
A single client database with customer behaviours on all communication and sale channels
3x increase in sales from recommendations on the website
3x increase in conversion to purchase from triggered communications
25% increase in conversions on the website after the implementation of recommendations during the quarantine
Control and easy access to data that describe customer activities including marketing costs, profitability and ROI of each customer
10% of sales on the website are generated from recommendations
2x increase in conversation to the website with a help of personalised communications
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NeuCurrent during the quarantine period
25% increase in conversion after implementation of personalised recommendations
Sales for 21 out 48 product categories are stable or continue to grow
New types of recommendations for product trends during the quarantine are implemented
Client data is the main business asset