There is always something to offer
your client
Personalisation for omnichannel retailers
Increase sales using personalisation
Automate marketing and analytics
Control all your data
Retail Data Infrastructure —
Integrates client and inventory data for all enterprise and external systems
A single point of integration for marketing, analytics and operations
Collect, standardize and cleanse data in real time
Personalised recommendations
on all pages of your website
Increase average purchase value and conversion using personalisation and machine learning algorithms
Personalised communications with product offerings for your customers
Increase customer value and purchase frequency using automated communications based on customer behaviours
Analytics to measure effectiveness of every marketing campaign on all channels

Comprehensive analytics for all marketing campaigns: starting from the first website conversion to sales, returns, conversion to next purchases, and client LTV. Save time for your marketing team to create effective marketing campaigns
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NeuCurrent during the quarantine period
25% increase in conversion after implementation of personalised recommendations
Sales for 21 out 48 product categories are stable or continue to grow
New types of recommendations for product trends during the quarantine are implemented
Client data is the main business asset