Personalised recommendations.
There is always something to offer your customer

25% increase in conversion
3x increase in sales from recommendations
10% of total sales online originate from recommendations

Main page personalised for every customer
Fully personalised page for every customer. Engage your customers with a selection of the most relevant products, trends, offers, new items, and brands
Recommendations on the catalogue page
Personalised products and offers in each catalogue category. Help customers find products by recommending the most relevant products at best prices
Recommendations on the product page
Similar products, accessories and product sets. Product selection helps make better choices and offers a chance to offer accompanying products to customers
Recommendations on the basket page
Keep customers engaged along the entire customer journey. Selection of accompanying products on the last page helps customers make additional purchases and increases average purchase value
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NeuCurrent during the quarantine period
25% increase in conversion after implementation of personalised recommendations
Sales for 21 out 48 product categories are stable or continue to grow
New types of recommendations for product trends during the quarantine are implemented
Client data is the main business asset