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A fully automated, AI driven, user friendly, and quick to integrate platform. Engage, convert and retain your customers.

Engage with your customers
on all channels.

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Communication scenarios for every step of the customer journey.

Whether it is for a new, existing or inactive customer, construct an engagement strategy that meets your customer needs and expectations in the best way possible.

Flexible segmentation based on customer events and attributes.

Create targeted audiences based on customers' preferences and interests. Understand your customers and develop engaging communications. Optimise your marketing budgets by targeting customers with the most relevant content.
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Choose ready-made communication scenarios from the library or create your own using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
Understand your customers on the basis of their behaviours and backgrounds.

A/B performance testing for your campaigns.

Launch up to 10 communication strategies at the same time. Our platform will choose the best performing strategy using a fully automated A/B testing.

All communications are personalised.

Offer relevant products to every customer based on real-time data, historical, and predicted behaviours. Help your customers to make the right choices.
Big Query Data Warehouse.
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Experiment to achieve the best results.
Use our AI driven personalised engine in communication scenarios.

Visual content and templates.

You can select templates that are already prepared for you or upload your own to use in communications. Create exciting and fresh visual messaging for your campaigns.
Enhance customer experience with vibrant and flexible visual content.
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